Mission Plan and Simulation for 4 x 4km Fixed Wing Aerial survey

This system is operational and available anywhere in the country


Drone surveying in combination with image Processing software now the normal

Drone surveying is the most efficient, cost-effective solution for mapping and gathering vital data on properties of all sizes and accessibility.

Using the latest drone surveying technology, Precision Surveys provides unmatched service to deliver a comprehensive look at your property – information that you can utilize on immediate projects and for years to come.

The drone technology utilized by Precision Surveys  comes equipped with the industry’s highest quality sensors to provide accurate and comprehensive data, even when operating in challenging environments. Drone surveying is the most efficient way to cover vast terrain. Precision Surveys  combines various methodology to maximize efficiency and minimize the disruption to the property.

With the ability to cover large areas quickly and its unmatched dependability, drone surveying is one of the most valuable resources for construction teams, project managers, and property owners requiring insight on a property.

Our experienced team combines years of education and training in Topographic and engineering and Aerial surveying with cutting-edge drone surveying equipment to provide detailed reports and data about your property. This information is often required by law and is also necessary to avoid costly mistakes and maintain business continuity.

For drone surveying services that you can rely on to deliver accurate and comprehensive data about your property, contact Precision Surveys

From as little as R100 per hectare, fully controlled to cm accuracy. (RTK)

We are authorized to obtain imagery during Lockdown

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